History & Heritage


Seven generations ago, Monsieur Favre left his native village, Neuchatel in Switzerland, to establish one of the world’s oldest and most renowned successful dynasties. The Mozafarian story is one of romance when Monsieur Favre was invited under royal patronage to leave the west and build clock towers in Persia. Whilst serving the Royal Families, Monsieur Favre fell in love with the people and culture but it was true love that solidified his commitment. His heart was captured by a Persian lady and they soon after united in marriage. The Mozafarian name was born, deriving from meaning of being Victorious.


In the centre of the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, Persia, the Mozafarian brand stood at the forefront of a trade, infamous with Persia and Persian culture. With new shop openings and bespoke pieces being commissioned for royals Mozafarian was ‘the’ jeweller. Mozafarian served as the Shah of Persia’s personal watch maker and jeweller, serving both the Qajar Dynasty and with the late Pahlavi Dynasty.


The start of the Abbas Mozafarian era, an artisan in his own right, differentiating himself though his effortless craftsmanship and talent. After taking over the important task of design, manufacture and marketing from his father he made the relevant steps in leading the brand to the grandeur that we know today.


The Mozafarian Royal Set was ready to showcase. Commissioned by the Mozafarian family, the Royal Set is made up of 3,000 gemstones: 150ct. Diamonds, 200ct. Rubies, 130ct Sapphires, 180ct. Emeralds and 160ct Turquoise. It was first exhibited to an audience of 60 heads of state (Emperors, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers) during the celebrations of the Persian Monarchy.


After leaving the Grand Bazaar behind he established the first European base in Italy, followed by London and Dubai. Abbas Mozafarian stood apart due to his creativity, dedication and passion for breaking boundaries of which is deeply embedded through his jewellery making and client experience. The Mozafarian brand soon became a household name across Europe. His first show room in London was situated in Old Bond Street.

The Mozafarian family successfully started to grow its empire across the globe serving dignitaries, royalty, wealthy families and celebrities. Abbas Mozafarian opened shops in London, Italy and Dubai. As one of the longest standing family run high end jewellery brands. Today, his three daughters continue to pass on the Mozafarian legacy through their dedication, expertise and high levels of craftsmanship in jewellery making. Bahareh Mozafarian currently stands at the head of Mozafarian London, continually reinventing ways to ignite the true opulence of the Mozafarian brand.


The Mozafarian Brand continues to grow generation to generation. Each family member adapts their version of the brand independently which is why today the Mozafarian name can be seen and heard in over forty different locations across the globe. Its mystical heritage represents the epitome of allure, charm yet elegance, always aspiring to the extraordinary and boundless. Mozafarian’s signature craftsmanship can be seen from exquisitely designed everyday jewellery for both men and women through to their one of a kind bespoke masterpieces. In November, Mozafarian opened its doors in the newly refurbished fine jewellery and accessories department on the ground floor of Harvey Nichols in the heart of Knightsbridge, London. Catering to existing clients and welcoming a fresh generation of fine jewellery lovers to the brand.