Single Stones

Mozafarian is renowned for sourcing some of the most exquisitely rare diamonds. For Mozafarian, precious stones are not just a symbol of beauty, they are a symbol of a remarkable natural process unique to each.
All our diamonds are sourced and hand selected based on their individual characteristics, and each and every one becomes meticulously positioned in our signature designs to showcase their breathtaking brilliance. Our designs evolve to create the most mystical of pieces, as each stone endures a journey of its own, one that lasts an eternity.

The importance of the 4’C’s

At Mozafarian we love to ensure our clientele are receiving the most exquisite diamonds which is why we advise our clientele on the true importance of the 4 C’s – Mozafarian Diamonds elude sophistication and elegance

Cut – Determines the brilliance and beauty of the Diamonds. Generally emphasizes the size of the diamond and masks small inclusions (internal flaws).

Carat – The weight of the Diamond. The size of the Diamond corresponds directly to its value and worth.

Colour – It involves the behavior of light, white (colourless) diamonds are more valuable as they have better reflective qualities. Exceptions to the rules however, are Pink, Red, Blue and Orange Diamonds.

Clarity – Referring to the types of flaws diamonds can have externally (blemishes) and internally (inclusions). The less among of flaws a diamond has the higher the clarity grade and value it possesses.

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