Mozafarian presents Garavelli.

Garavelli was founded in 1920 in Italy. The company was driven by the desire to deliver the highest standards in the quality and innovation of fine jewellery making, transcending over four generations today.

Why we love it? Elisabeth Molina & Stefano Molina.

Elizabeth makes sure there is no collaboration with mass production a rarity in todays jewellery world. She also is in charge of no compromise on the standard and quality of the Garavelli pieces. While Stefano, taught from early age by his grandfather Pietro Molina, member of the Diamonds Antwerp Bourse in diamonds, translates his GIA gemologist expertise in all things rubies, emeralds, sapphires coloured stones and pearls. He makes sure the company never falls below it’s outstanding standards in precious and semi precious stones as well as design.

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